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Even if you are happy with your current home, you might be looking for a shed contractor or interested in building a separate structure or outbuilding on your property. This building could give you the space you need to store extra household items, or you could use it to create a play area for the  kids. An outbuilding can even serve as a barn where animals reside during colder winter months. Whatever your need, the costs of an outbuilding will almost certainly be a factor. If you want to build a barn shed or playhouse, use this guide for a clearer picture on associated expenses.

Shed contractor costs per square foot

Size of the shed, barn or outbuilding:

  • A standard shed size is 8x10, but can be any size.

Quality and finish materials:

  • If you need electric and water these will add usually a minimum of a few thousand dollars.

Prep Work

  •  Permits in Summit County are based on total cost of a project and can be as little as $100.00.
  •  Site Preparation - If the area is not level it will need to be graded level and this can be as much as $700.00 for a 12x12 area. 

Concrete Pad:

  • A concrete pad will generally start around $5.00 for areas 150 sf. or more. A smaller shed can cost as much as $7.50 per square foot. 

Building the Structure:

  • A smaller shed can cost as much as $1100.00 depending on the finishes. Larger outbuildings around 500 sf. can cost $2350.00 - $3750.00

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Matching shed located in a historic district - Hudson, Ohio

We were hired as a shed contractor to add this shed to a property located in a historic district. All materials and "look" had to match existing historic styles.

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