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Finish carpentry and craftsmanship implemented on projects - Ohio

‚ÄčA brief history of carpentry

   Wood is one of mankind's oldest building materials. The ability to shape wood improved with technological advances from the stone age to the bronze age to the iron age. Some of the oldest archaeological evidence of carpentry are water well casings built using split oak timbers with mortise and tenon and notched corners excavated in eastern Germany dating from about 7,000 years ago in the early neolithic period.

   Carpenters traditionally worked with natural wood which has been prepared by splitting, hewing, or sawing with a pit saw or sawmill. These days natural and engineered lumber and many other building materials carpenters may use are typically prepared by others and delivered to the job site.

   In 2013 the carpenters union in America used the term "carpenter" for a catch-all position. Tasks performed by union carpenters include installing of flooring, windows, doors, interior trim, cabinetry, solid surface, roofing, framing, siding, flooring, insulation, acoustical ceilings, computer-access flooring, metal framing, wall partitions, office furniture systems, and both custom or factory-produced materials, trim and molding, ceiling treatments, exposed columns and beams, displays, mantels, staircases, metal studs, metal lath, and drywall.

‚ÄčThis is a variety of finish carpentry and rough carpentry projects that have challenged us and developed our skills and experience throughout the years.

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