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Tenant improvement contractor costs:

Commercial, New Construction: $100 to $200 per square foot.
Interior tenant improvement:  $45 to $150 per square foot.
Commercial Repair: $97.50/hr. for a highly skilled team of two.

Caldwell Companies has performed and completed many jobs as a tenant improvement contractor in Northeast Ohio and other target markets. Sometimes we encounter "white box" conditions where we simply add to an existing space to accommodate a new tenants needs. Other times we have to demolish existing spaces to rebuild them. Sometimes they are also added from the ground up as the project pictured above illustrates. That of course is the most expensive route, but the biggest factors are related to existing job site conditions and needs of the client. This is where common sense suggestions and costs from an experienced and reliable tenant improvement contractor can make or break the budget.

Here at Caldwell Companies we pride ourselves on providing those and other qualities that will combine to provide the highest quality and value compared to other tenant improvement contractors.

​This phase of the project at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo involved remodeling the existing space to accommodate ADA compliant restrooms and storage space.

​Restrooms and storage space addition - Colorado Springs, Co

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