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​Garage builder, detached garage addition - Akron, Ohio

As a garage builder in North East Ohio we know storage is always great to keep stuff safe. We built this detached garage on a small lot and had just enough room to give the homeowner just what they wanted.

Garage Cost Per Square Foot Calculator

Most garage builders will charge between $30.00 and $45.00 per square foot to build an attached or detached garage. This would include everything from the plans and permits to the completed structure with siding, roofing, electrical and concrete floor. 

A little history of the garage

   The modern garage is a far cry from the converted carriage house where the first cars were stored. In the last century, garages have evolved from an external necessity to an integral part of our homes. At first cars were a luxury item that most could not afford. We can thank Henry Ford for changing that, but cars really took off after the Federal Road Act in 1916 and the Federal Highway Act in 1921. After World War 2, prosperity in the late 40's and 50's led to more and bigger cars. We cant forget the garage's contribution to entrepreneurs and the "garage bands". Some of our favorite music and technology was developed in the garage. These days a garage builder can add luxuries like remote garage door openers and heated garages, we can even start our cars with our smartphones.

   Being a garage builder we gave great ideas for garages and can help you plan and build your garage. Contact us now to see how we can help!!

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